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How to stitch collar neck kurta/kameez

Hi, Friends....
Today we'll learn hi-neck collar kameez/top.Today most of gals wear collar top with jeans,leggings and of course with my fav. patiala salwar. Well there are many types of collar kameez/top but today we'll see a very simple collar top which is damn easy to stitch.Usually a collar is made with canvas strip but this collar has only a fabric strip.
The draft will be same that simple kurti.
Cut back neckline at 1/2",the snap follows:

Front neckline: A-B=10"-12":B-C=1"the snap cut as shown.

For collar take fabric strip of length A-C= 33-34" and width A-B= 3-4" or as desired and cut it straight you can use the border design of the fabric. I've used the border.

The first step of stitching any collar kameez/top is to join the back and front.Measure the whole neckline i.e including the front and back.This will be the length of the fabric strip.Fold the strip such that A lies on B and wrong side faces wrong side :) Keep this strip on right side of kurta and start stitching from point B and covering the whole neckline. If you wish you can overlap the collar at point B-C. The snap.

Hey!! your collar is ready.Now join sleeves,and proceed further and complete the kurta.
Snap of my finished kurta. I have attached a flower piece in the middle of neckline.

Happy Blogging.....

Gurmeet  :)


  1. After learning from various sites I used to sew, every time there will be a mistake

    either arm hole or neck or other will go wrong.I really felt proud to wear a perfect dress sewed by me of course from yours.

    Padded I mean to say bra being attached so we can lower the back.Also you can teach us lining dress.

  2. Hi Gurmeet

    Please show us the drafting and sewing of a chinese collar/mandarin collar.

    Thanks! Bini

    1. Dear Bini,
      Will try to post it soon.

  3. Hi Gurmeet ma'am,
    First i would like to thank you for the efforts you take to help and inspire us...
    Came across your blog just yesterday and have immensely learnt many small tips given by you. Already tried a collar neck with your advice... but have a small problem with sleeves, since i tried out a short sleeve for the kurti.Kindly can you explain if cutting measurements are different for sleeves of collar neck kurti...
    Thanks and hope you will continue inspiring us...

    1. Dear Manjula Suresh,
      It's nice you learnt from the blog.
      Cutting of sleeves is same for collar neck kurti.

  4. hi i need the tutorial for half neck collar

  5. hi dear..happy that i hv found yr blog...trying to learn thru online as im a housewife with a little girl. good job n may God bless u.

  6. Good job mam. Its very easy to understand. Can u give a clear idea abt semi collar. I really love it

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Hi Gurmeet
    Loved ur tutorials...I was looking for a breastfeeding friendly neck design for my kurti when I reached ur blog...it would really be helpfull if u can explain how to make a round neck non collared front buttoned kurti...
    1. How to make button placket.
    2. how to attach Pocket

  9. thanks very clear explanation. pplease continue teaching

  10. Hi could u pls teach me blouse sleeve design

    1. Dear Leela,

      Sorry, I don't teach blouse.


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