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How to Stitch Kurti / Kameez? Part-2

Let's start sewing our kurti, hope you are ready with fabric.You have cut the fabric according to the layout described.So you have a front piece,a back piece,two sleeves and the remaining fabric to be used for necklines.

First of all we will finish the neckline.We need a fusible canvas.If you wish to take only fabric you may,but the finishing effect will be less.In the pic you can see two curved lines.This is the neckline shape.

A-B = 8.5" Fold along the line.
B-G = 9"
A-C =3"or less if you prefer less broad neckline you can take it 2"or 2.5"
C-D = 7" measure it slantwise if you want deep neckline take 8"and if less you can take 6" also.
C-E ; D-F = 1"
Now draw the desired shape from C-D and E-F .Cut along C-D and E-F

Stitch Kurti Tutorial

Now you are ready with your neckline.Keep this canvas on fabric and iron it and it will stick to the fabric.Take care that the shiny part is on wrong side of fabric as while ironing it will stick to it.
Kameez Tutorial

The first snap is of canvas ironed on fabric.Second one stitch along the border where you can see the orange dot.After stitching cut along the C-D.  Keep this strip on kurta/kameez/kurti as shown below. Always keep right side of neckline strip on right side of kurti. Stitch along the shape of the neckline.Snaps will make it easy to follow and sew it.

Stitch the back and front neckline as explained.Now keep right side of front part on right side of back part.

Flip the back neck strip on front part.And sew the line a bit slant as shown below in yellow color.

Now turn the stitched side and flip it and on you have your back and front piece joined like the snap below.

You are aware that deep arm hole is front piece similarly in sleeves also the deep arm hole is front sleeves.

Stitch the sleeves with the kurta taking care that right side of front fabric is kept on right side of sleeves and sleeves lie down side.Stitch along the whole arm hole.Finish with both side.Now your kurti is ready with the sleeves.

Now mark the sleeves round and start sewing the line till the starting point of slits i.e B.

Sleeves part is marked as A
Sew the line a little curved way.This is the final sewing line.

Now bring the kurti inside out,now the right side of kurti is out and wrong side in .(In hindi we tell this as kurti ko sidha kar dijiye).

Start folding the slit from 10 till 9 DETAILS. Fold all the four sides i.e 2 side slits of front and back respectively.lastly fold from 10 to 2 DETAILS.

Below snap is of folded slit.

Hey !! your kurti is ready.

Share the snaps of the kurti you are sewing.It feels great when I see the snaps of  kurti of my readers and bloggers.
Happy Blogging :)


  1. it was very easy to follow.the points are crisp and clear.now i feel it very simple.today itself i will try it.

  2. Replies
    1. On the top of blog there is Upload files title next to Mixed bag, you can share your photos over there.

    2. i uploaded.plz rate it and tell me what else i have to correct on it.
      i took 1-3 =shoulder minus 2 divided by 2(as it was a deep neckline).then took 1-4 as shoulder/2.is it correct or i should take 1-4 as shoulder minus 2 divided by 2

      THen on '4-11' the same doubt i have, is it shoulder /2 minus half or shoulder -2/2 minus half( because in ur figure 11 is slanding rightwards but on mine it was on leftwards)

      I am going to take frond neck more deeper.should i make shoulders even less or is it applicable only for back neck

    3. Deepa, in the draft of simple kurti the line 1-2 is fold side,so all the measurements are divided by 2. For 1-3 my step is correct . If you want front or back deep neck take 1-3 =shoulder/2 minus 1.
      4-11 is always half or 3/4 inch LESS than 1-3 so the line 3-11 will be slanted rightward.

    4. did u get the photos?

      gurmeet, my doubt about 4-11 and neck is cleared. but i am confused about armhole and shoulders.do we have to reduce armhole according to shoulder

    5. No, I haven't received the photos.

      The armhole curve moves with shoulder so now as our shoulder is less the armhole will be little bit deep.

    6. i have already uploaded them,i will do it once again .or i will send u by mail if u give me ur mail id.

      so the armhole dept will be reduced automatically.we don have to change the armhole length....it is usual right

    7. i had uploaded it once again. commended "Thank you! Your submission have been saved"

    8. I received the photo but it shows only sleeves part. Have you uploaded the whole top or only sleeve part.?

    9. I received the photo but it shows only sleeves part. Have you uploaded the whole top or only sleeve part.?

    10. Mail me all photos on my E-mail id
      marigold360 at gmail dot com

  3. Hi kaur, is the 1-4 is shoulder/2 or chest. Can u explain about this. And also about 6-8

    1. Dear Anu,
      1-4 is shoulder/2. My mom prefers shoulder measurement instead of chest for this part.
      6-8 is as shown in the diagram is taken for perfect fitting in for that area as we cannot jump directly from 1-8 hence my mom takes 6-8,and this thing gives the dress the fitting properly. Hope this explanation clears your doubt :)

      I will appreciate your effort if you ask your doubt in the relevant post as you will have to juggle between two posts to understand my explanation. So next time do take care of it.

    2. Thanks for your ddetail explanation. Sure dear next time i will ask in relevant posts.

  4. Hi gurmeet kaur ji thx for sharing such an understandable drafting for kurti .. same as I want sleeves drafting full sleeves drafting

  5. And also tell me how I can make and attach collar on kurti

    1. Dear Aabish Afroj,
      Thanks for appreciating. Will post collar kurti soon.

  6. Hi Gurmeetji,
    I am a newbie and don't have a lot of experience in sewing. i just started a few months back and following your tutorial i could get through the cutting part but i got stuck at the canvas fusing part. Now, the picture shown above is for the neckline but i don't understand if its supposed to be drafted on the fabric or canvas or both? I am very new at this and i have difficulty in understanding the patterns at times so could you please help me out? I'd really appreciate your help. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    1. Dear Shailee,
      First cut the desired neckline on canvas,iron the canvas on left out fabric.
      Then move ahead according to my tutorial.

  7. Hi gurmeetgi,
    Can u please explain about the difference between kurtha and salwar comeez?

    1. Basically there's no difference between them. Kurta is Hindi word, while Kameez is Urdu word for the top we wear with Salwar.


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