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Basic measurements for sewing.


As we all know that prior to sewing one needs the basic measurements.Today I will guide you about the measurements of kurta / kurti.

Above pic is of my kurta which I cut yesterday.The details of the measurements are below.

A-B = Length
C-D = Chest
E-F = Shoulder
G-H =Waist line ( vertical to be used while drafting )
I -J = Waist line horizontal
K-L=Hip round
M-N= Bottom line of kurta.
Half of chest round is termed as SCALE,which we will use for drafting the necklines.

F-O = Sleeves length
O-P =Sleeves round

To take the measurement:

Take measuring tape and keep the point 0 in the middle point of neck and shoulder to measure the required length,for shoulder length keep point 0 at one end of shoulder to another. For G-H keep the point 0 in the middle point between shoulder and neck and measure till the last rib of chest cage . For sleeves keep the point 0 at one end of shoulder and take the required length of arm .


C-D = Chest
I-J = Waist line horizontal 
K-L = Hip
O-P =Sleeves round
Take care that you measure properly not too tightly or too loose coz the fitting of the dress depends on the correct measurements.


In the pic you can see 1,2,3 and two beautiful colored curves.They are the neckline .To measure the neckline, keep point 0 at 1 and measure SLANT WISE  upto 3 as required.Apply this procedure for BACK and FRONT  neckline.In the pic the GREEN curve is for Back Neck line and the  PINK curve is for Front Neck line.
Hope you find my tutorial easy to follow.In case of any difficulty to drop your comments.I'll help you out.

Have a nice day!!



  1. y the line i -j is not marked on g-h,since g h is the waist length?

    1. G-H is vertical line which is same as 1-6 of simple kurti tutorial.
      I-J is waist round which is same as 7-6 of simple kurti tutorial.

  2. Hi Gurmeet,

    Nice tutorial, may i know how to measure the arm hole, while cutting kameez ?

    Also, can you post one blog for How to stich lining Kameez and Salwar.

    Thank you for your blog.

  3. Hi, refer my simple kurti tutorial for arm hole measurement.
    Will post soon about stitching lining salwar kameez.
    Keep visiting:)

  4. Hi Gurmeet,
    Nice tutorial. Its very interesting.
    How we measure waistline G-H from stitched top?
    Is this measurement is same for all (man,boys, girls?

    1. Dear Archu,
      Thanks for appreciating my efforts.
      See if chest measurement is 32, G-H will be 14" and for chest measurement more than 32 take G-H will be 15". For man, boys it may differ am not sure.

    2. Thanks for your reply.
      Is we wants to change 6-8=Chest/4-1/2" for taking 1-6=15"?

    3. 6-8 is Chest/5 - 1/2".
      Just draw the diagram according to my tutorial.

  5. So 6-8=chest/5-1/2" calculation is same for "1-6=14" and 15"

  6. Hi
    nice blog ... Pls post pics on how to fold the clothe and cut the pattern


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